2015 Winning Poetry Entries

Grades 6-8

Poetry - 1st Place

Tanner Hollaway, Challenger Middle


Grades 3-5

Poetry - 1st Place

​Nathaniel Bennett, Three Oaks Elementary

Flag O' Flag

The drop of the rain,
The call of a bird.
Other than  that

The clouds above boom;
The people below bow their heads
In silence.

There’s the occasional sob,
The occasional whisper
But other than that

Twenty-one shots ring out,
Friends and family silent,
Watery eyes on the fallen hero
Lying in silence

Pride and Patriotism

          of Lee County

              Celebrating the Arts

             & Honoring Veterans

 When I look up inside and outside, what do I see?
Blue fireworks lighting the sky.
White-headed eagles soaring through the sky.
I also see red, white, and blue flags soaring above. 

When I look behind me inside and outside, what do I see?
Independence from kings..
Armies protecting us from harm.
Slavery stopped by Abraham Lincoln.

When I look in front of me inside and outside, what do I see?
I see mores states to help us with independence.
I see the election of the president.

Flag O’ Flag
Billowing in the breeze,\The noble and proud glory
Brings many to their knees.

Flag ‘O Flag
Marching loyal like a soldier.
A nation full of freedom and honor,
Carrying the country on its shoulders.
Flag O’ Flag
A nation full of truth and pride,
The happiest place you  will live,
You’ll see the flags hanging outside.

 Flag ‘O Flag
The original 13 stars and stripes.
That is our nation’s history,
With all its power and might.


Grades K-2

Poetry - 1st Place

​Maverick Bailey, Gulf Elementary